So, what’s the big deal?
Recent research studies confirm that business process management (BPM) is rapidly evolving as the dominant management paradigm of the 21st Century. An April 2005 BPMG study found that “…the practice of BPM as a primary means to manage business has already gained substantial adoption” and “…more than 80% of the world’s leading organizations are actively engaged in BPM programs, many of these on a global scale”. An APQC benchmarking study completed in March 2005 found that “BPM is the way best-practice organizations conduct business.” That study also examined proven strategies, approaches, tools and techniques (including business process frameworks and maturity models) employed by world-class, process-focused enterprises and found that while “technology, by itself, does not constitute Business Process Management, much of the promise of BPM initiatives will not be realized without powerful, flexible and user-friendly IT solutions to support them.”

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As the practice of information technology moves into the age of utility and services computing, the information revolution revolves now around business process management support. As part of business initiatives, organizations around the world are automating their business processes to transform the intra- and inter-company relationships. Business process management systems are a new breed of software that automates the routing, monitoring, and control of business processes.